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Preventing Breast Cancer BookWelcome to the new official page of Dr. Robert Pendergrast.  Did you know that his goal is to reach 1 million women with his message of breast cancer prevention?  He has even written an award winning book on the subject.  Purchase it today on our Shop page..


  1. Dr. Pendergrast,
    Good morning, Sir
    I hope you have looked at f/b page concerning my liver disease (PBC).
    This has been the worst year of my life. I took so much pride in being in career in the healthcare field. This autoimmune disease has taken all of my independance from me. The sense of worthlessness and depression has become my who I am.
    I understand, stay positive has a great deal to do with the healing process. The effort it takes to face another negative diagnosis, is so overwhelming.
    Before, This illness from Primary Biliary Cirrhosis my life was surrounded with people I love, my love of my patients and playing with my grandchildren.
    Today, I go back to my oncologist for test results due to white blood cells being elevated for 6 months. My GI doctor asked, Do you know what your prognosis? My dreams are gone! My husband of 28 years died September 2012, I had just been told in January 2012, I have PBC, Stage 4.
    OH MY GOD, I feel I am at a braking point!
    I realize there are people in this world who have harder battles to face. I feel so selfish!

    Thank you for listening, “It hurts so deep in my heart”

  2. I saw your article on regarding the benefits of licorice root and have some questions. Can you tell me of any herbs or homeopathic remedies that would be a safe, long-term supplement to mend my adrenals? I use a low dose of Lisinopril (10 mg) daily and want to avoid hypertensives.

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