Hops Supplement

A Hops Supplement Soothes Stress
and Improves Digestion

In my holistic medicine practice, a hops supplement has often proved useful for patients with a common combination of symptoms.

Specifically, if you are a person with anxiety, abdominal pain and indigestion, and insomnia, this may be just the herbal medication for you.

First however let me remind you that your individual situation may warrant an examination by your physician or even medical tests before you self-prescribe herbs for your symptoms. And herbs can interact with medication, so always tell your doctor about supplements you are taking, and preferably find a doctor with some training in herbal medicine and aholistic approach in medical practice.




With that said, let me tell you why this lovely herb is often such a good choice, and a hops supplement is much preferred over many of the prescription medications that would be used for the same symptoms.


The hops vine, botanically namedHumulus lupulus, is native to northern Europe and is most widely cultivated for brewing beer. The female flower of the vine, called a strobile, is harvested for use in brewing and medicine. It has a long history of use in the traditional herbal medicine of Europe, and modern observations have borne out its usefulness.

A hops supplement can be quite sedating, but not in the same intense way that some prescriptions may act. One could find that anxiety and sense of stress have been reduced but the mind is still clear. And when thinking of this as a natural sleep aid, I suggest taking small doses throughout the day rather than just at bedtime. Sleep will be improved, anxiety reduced in the day, but you will not be overly-sedated for work or school.

And when thinking of indigestion and frequent abdominal pain, this is an excellent approach to holistic pain relief. The reasons that hops will assist abdominal complains is because it is a bitter herb, and bitters increase the production of all the body fluids that aid in the digestive process: salivation, stomach acid production (necessary before meals), bile flow and enzymes from the pancreas. And finally, similar to peppermint oil, it helps to relax the smooth muscle in the intestines, reducing cramping.

In summary then, a hops supplement would be a great first choice if you “store your stress” in the stomach area. Look for a capsule of whole strobile and take between 100 – 200 mg two or three times daily. Remember to discuss this with your doctor if you are on prescription medications.



To your health and wellness,




Robert Pendergrast, M.D. 

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