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Lower cholesterol with safe and medically effective natural remedies

Heart health is absolutely essential for a full life, and knowing how to lower cholesterol is one of the biggest pieces of the heart health puzzle. I believe that the integrative holistic medicine model is perfectly poised to solve that puzzle. Our holistic medicine model covers conventional medicine, nutrition, botanical medicine and supplements, mind-body medicine, physical activity and bodywork, energy medicine, and spirituality and relationships. For a moment, let’s focus down on just one health goal: lower cholesterol, and a few well researched natural remedies.

Conventional national guidelines suggest that all adults have lipid screening once every five years, and more often if monitoring response to treatment of a problem. Elevated fasting cholesterol and triglycerides are both strong predictors of cardiovascular disease, and these need to be monitored and kept in the normal range. Sometimes conventional prescription medications are needed, but often more natural approaches also work well, and I will sketch a few of those here.

Diet to lower cholesterol : so much to say, so little space. Eat 5 to 9 servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Eat more whole grains such as oats and brown rice. Enjoy healthy oils every day, specifically extra-virgin olive oil (great for dipping whole-grain bread), and fish oils either as cold-water fish (Alaskan salmon or sardines for example) or as capsules. Ground flax seeds and walnuts are another good way to get your healthy omega-3 oils. Eat less meat and enjoy vegetable sources of protein on a regular basis, such as beans (legumes) and soy. Strictly avoid trans fats. 

Medicinal herbs and supplements : Eat more garlic. Garlic has a long history of use in botanical medicine for heart health. A daily dose of psyllium fiber can help to lower LDL cholesterol. An antioxidant called Coenzyme Q-10 has a specific benefit for heart muscle, and should be taken especially by persons taking statin medications for high cholesterol.

Physical activity: stay physically active throughout your life, pursuing enjoyable exercise routines that are appropriate for your age. This will raise HDL (good) cholesterol; it also decreases body fat, makes muscles more able to burn fuel so that triglycerides are lowered. Make time for a 30 minute walk daily as a minimum. Adding some high intensity exercise to that is also recommended.

Ideas for recipes include fish (especially Wild Alaskan Salmon), using olive oil to cook vegetables such as garlic and onions, plenty of soluble fiber from legumes (beans) and rolled oats, and substituting soy for meat once or twice a week. All of these are just the beginning of achieving a better cholesterol for heart health.

And because these critical heart health markers are so often overlooked, take a moment now to learn about hidden causes of heart attack and stroke.

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Robert Pendergrast, MD 

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